You’ve seen them: bickering in the ALDC observatory
You know their: talented daughters
You want them: for motherhood, fashion, beauty, entertainment, active living

Dance Moms is back for Season 3 on Lifetime! And a couple more moms have jetéd over to Sponsored Tweets. We are pleased to welcome Kelly Hyland and Jill Vertes. Kelly is mom to Brooke and Paige and Jill is Kendall’s mom. When they aren’t busy sewing costumes and traveling the country to dance competitions, these moms are taking care of the house and raising their other children. Make the Dance Moms the top of your campaign’s pyramid.

View the public profiles of Kelly and Jill and follow them via Twitter: @DanceMomKelly & @DanceMomJill22

They join their fellow cast members Christi, Holly and Melissa. Click on their names to view their public profiles.

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  1. yhankim16 said on 4.5.13 at 8:32 pm

    nice pose. ^_^

  2. jorge augusto claudino bezerra said on 4.8.13 at 9:23 am

    Quero trabalha com vcs mande o formulariu em portugues

  3. Mev Hugh said on 4.8.13 at 3:57 pm

    Great post on some of the busiest moms, thanks.

  4. kashaan said on 4.10.13 at 6:18 am

    wow nice

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