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Transparency of Identity

The SponsoredTweets marketplace is designed to provide transparency of identity. We expose our entire network of Tweeters to our Advertisers, along with pertinent data to help you make informed decisions before you engage. You can hand select your Tweeters, favorite top performers and ban those that don’t meet your requirements. You can see profiles for a few of our Tweeters here.

The Entire Spectrum

Our network includes television stars, movie stars, rock stars, comedians, web celebs, media properties, every day people and everything in between. Our goal is to connect our advertisers with real, relevant Tweeters that can truly impact a campaign.

The Biggest Network

SponsoredTweets is the world’s largest Twitter advertising network with over 70,000 marketplace participants. Here is a small sample of our tweeters, view the whole list.

Reach the Masses

SponsoredTweets has the ability to drive massive
 traffic from influential Tweeters 
in short time frames.

Access to power users

  • Mainstream media celebrities
  • Web celebrities
  • Media properties

Aggregate users with less followers

  • Provides more variation in messaging
  • Ability to execute on smaller campaigns
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