Campaign Management

Timed Release

Advertisers have the ability to control when tweets are released. This allows you to schedule a large scale campaign and release all of your tweets at once or within a certain window of time. For information on the best times to run a campaign click here.



Built-In Stats

See how each individual in your campaign performed. Favorite top performers so you can engage them in future campaigns.


Google Analytics Support

If you use Google Analytics you will love SponsoredTweets. Simply click the “Use Google Analytics” checkbox when you setup your campaign to enable tracking. We use Google URL builder to add parameters to each individual tweet.

Parameters Set
Source = Sponsoredtweets
Medium = Twitter
Content = (twitter user name)
Campaign = (campaign title)

This method will allow you determine sales, time on site and other information not available through our interface.

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Advice for Advertisers

I think advertisers should always give tweeters the option of writing their own tweets.

-- Alli Crumley (@mrscrumley)

Don’t under estimate the impact of social media.

-- Heather B. (@thedomesticdiva)

Often a genuine tweet written by the “tweeter” will get many more clicks than one your agency writes for us!

-- Arleen Anderson (@alohaarleen)