Tweeter FAQ

What is Twitter?

Whoa boy. You are probably in a bit over your head. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read each other’s updates, known as tweets. Before you use our service you should head over to Twitter and sign up.

What is SponsoredTweets?

SponsoredTweets is a platform that helps you monetize Tweets created via Twitter. You have to be on Twitter first, so go to their website and sign up if you haven’t already.

How do I sign up for SponsoredTweets?

SponsoredTweets uses Twitter’s OAuth process to create a connection between our platform and Twitter. To sign up for SponsoredTweets you simply click here and click the “allow” button after you’ve logged into Twitter.

Do I have to disclose?

Yes. Disclosure is an essential element of the SponsoredTweets platform and we systematically force all of our participants to disclose within each tweet. We require disclosure to protect you, your audience and the advertiser. We believe in WOMMA’s Honesty ROI : Relationship, Opinion, Identity. Without disclosure, there is no honesty.

I am a Celebrity. Do I have to disclose?

Yes. Please see above. While we recognize that Celebrities don’t always disclose sponsorships, we are trying to set a new standard for disclosure in our platform. Everyone is required to disclose every sponsored tweet.

What does disclosure look like?

We provide some basic phrases inside of SponsoredTweets to help facilitate disclosure. Tweeters are able to choose from any of the phrases, so long as one of them is included in the tweet. A few examples of disclosure include:

  • “Today’s witty tweets brought to you by ACME Co”
  • “I would like to thank my sponsor ACME Co”

We have put together some tips on working with our Disclosure Engineā„¢. Check out this page for some samples.

Who controls the message?

The Tweeter always writes the tweet in their own words based on the guidelines and examples provided by the Advertiser. In all instances you have to approve the message before it gets tweeted out. We do not blindly auto-inject messages.

Who determines my price for each tweet?

You do. While we will suggest a price for you during sign up, you can change your price at any time. Just remember, this is a marketplace and you are competing with others for advertiser dollars. Set your price too high and you may scare advertisers away, too low and you may be short changing yourself.

How much money can I really make?

That really depends on who you are and how often Advertisers choose to work with you. SponsoredTweets is designed to be an open and transparent platform. We present Advertisers with a directory of tweeters that they can engage along with stats about those tweeters. Advertisers have the ability to easily look at your tweets and determine if they want to do business with you. While numbers are important, credibility, quality and reasonable pricing are more important.

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