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SponsoredTweets has an exclusive program designed for celebrities who are active on Twitter and would like to connect with potential sponsors. Celebrities receive special promotional consideration and enjoy other perks not available to standard users. Celebrity accounts are limited to those people who are easily recognized by the general public.

Do I Qualify?

Celebrity status is available for those people with significant exposure in television, movies, music, radio, sports or other mainstream media. Celebrities generally have agency representation and are known outside of Twitter or Internet circles.

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SponsoredTweets also offers preferred status to those who have achieved notoriety online. Famous bloggers, online video producers, personalities and power Tweeters can have their account upgraded to Internet Celeb.

Do I Qualify?

We monitor new Tweeters as they sign up. If we recognize your name we will automatically upgrade you to Internet Celebrity. If not you will need to fill out this form. Pass along things like your Wikipedia page, Blog, YouTube Channel or other relevant sites. Having a bunch of followers on Twitter does not automatically make you a Web Celeb. Acceptance into the program requires influence, visibility and marketability.

Examples of Web Celebs in Our System

All celebrities enjoy enhanced listings and filter to the top of an advertiser’s list.

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If you would like to apply for celebrity status please visit the status application