Sponsored Tweets has a full-featured API designed to help developers monetize their Twitter Applications. The API is tied into the Sponsored Tweets referral system. Every time you sign up a new Advertiser or Tweeter to SponsoredTweets.com you will become their referrer, earning income for every transaction they make in the system for a period of two years.

Getting Started

To get started with our API, log into your SponsoredTweets Tweeter account and click on the API button in the sidebar. Detailed instructions on using the API, the data returned, and your API Key, are available there. The API is for developers, you will need to know how to make an API call and deal with xml or json.


Basic Principles

The API connects to our system to determine which Tweeters are for hire.

  • You display Twitter profiles on your site or App.
  • You query our API with their Twitter screen names or IDs.
  • If they are in our system, we return information about them including their price per tweet and your advertiser referral link to their Sponsored Tweets profile.
  • If they are not in our system we let you know they are eligible to be referred as a new Tweeter.


Wondering how this might work for your app or website? Check out our use cases.

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