Our array of partnership programs is as diverse as our range of Publishers and Advertisers. SponsoredTweets provides five unique programs designed to meet the marketing needs of nearly any organization.

Monthly Advertisers

This program provides significant bonus credits to Advertisers who commit to a minimum monthly spend on SponsoredTweets. The exact amount of the bonus dollars each month is based on the length of the contract and monthly spend level. View the details of ourĀ bonus program.


SponsoredTweets has helped some of the greatest agencies in the country get the word out for their clients. We have a concierge program specifically for advertising and public relations agencies of all sizes.


We have designed a program for organizations that want to resell our services. This program allows for commissions to be paid for referring new clients to SponsoredTweets. This program is great for general marketing groups, associations, and business service providers that would like SponsoredTweets to manage the client engagement.

White Label

For companies with an established presence in the market, combined with an existing sales force, our White Label partnership enables you to run a co-branded version of one of our platforms on a revenue-sharing basis. This program will enable you to enhance your value proposition and competitive differentiation to include sponsored tweets.

Publisher Networks

We are always looking to expand our network of high quality publishers. If you operate a network of tweeters we would like to talk with you. Our program is designed to give you an ongoing passive revenue stream.

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