clickwatchClickWatch is a program designed to provide a level of protection for advertisers who engage Tweeters in the SponsoredTweets marketplace. When a Tweeter participating in ClickWatch makes a sponsored tweet the system checks the click performance of that tweet after 48 hours. If the cost per click (CPC) for that tweet is above $1.50 the system will request that Tweeter to make another Tweet. The system will check performance again after another 48 hours and request a  3rd tweet if necessary.


Each ClickWatch participant will share a message up to three times over 6 days. Once the $1.50 threshold is met the system will no longer request another tweet.

Process Overview

  1. If a Sponsored Tweet fails to meet the minimum CPC requirement a Tweeter will receive a DM or Email notifying them.
  2. The Tweeter must come back to and write a new Tweet for the advertiser. The copy must be different from the first tweet to meet Twitter’s duplicate content requirement.
  3. The new tweet will be sent to the advertiser for approval just like the first tweet was.
  4. In the event that a tweeter fails to make good and write a ClickWatch tweet they will automatically lose their ClickWatch status for a period of 60 days.

If you are a Tweeter:


01_sm You have the option not to participate in ClickWatch via your dashboard controls. Existing users will have this option turned on, you will need to disable it if you don’t wish to participate.

If you are an Advertiser:


01_sm You will know a Tweeter is willing to “make good” on tweets by seeing an icon by that user if they are participating in the ClickWatch program.
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